100 % On-Site Staff

No remote employees in the Okami Solutions team. Seamless offshoring and guarantee  the highest standard of services.

Cost Reduction

Your new services can be acquired at a cost reduction of up to 75% compared to in-house services.  Our offer is unparalleled in the market when it comes about  corporate-level services.

Infrastructure Stability

Our physical offices are flawlessly secured against any power or internet outages, guaranteeing that your services run smoothly and continuously.

Data Security

We place a high value on data security. Our network is safeguarded by a dedicated hardware VPN channel, and our offices are constantly monitored. In terms of data confidentiality and processing, we follow EU, US, Canadian, and Australian legislation.

High Talent Retention Rate: +90%

We are proud how impressive is our employee loyalty.  Just exceptional in the BPO industry.

Multi-Layered Advanced Training

Our advanced personnel training includes three levels: trainer, manager, and agent, ensuring the high quality of our agents. Even in the event of agent changes, knowledge remains preserved, and the implementation of a new agent is practically seamless.

Linguistic and Cultural Integration

We are completely linguistically and culturally integrated into the country where we give our services. Our management staff has vast expertise from large projects in the European Union and the United States, which ensures excellent communication with you and your clients.

Quality Maintenance

High-quality training, management, and quality control are the foundations of our services. Regardless of the number of agents on the project, a quality assurance specialist and project manager are always on hand to provide consistent high-quality service.

High Flexibility

We are well-known for our quick and attentive response to new client requirements. We execute your modifications as rapidly as if you were working inside your own team, thanks to effective organization and communication.

Easy Service Scaling

Our services are based on specialized agents, ensuring the greatest level of quality. If you want to increase the number of agents in an already running service, the process can be completed in as little as 7 working days.

Always at your service 24/7

We provide seamless services in any time zone regardless of the time of day and night. You and your clients can count on quick and effective assistance in any matter.




You will enjoy a partner who prioritizes cultural and linguistic alignment, infrastructure stability, data security, employee retention, advanced training, quality maintenance, flexibility, scalability, and competitive pricing if you choose OKAMI Solutions.




Why are Seamless Offshoring services unrivaled?